Buckeye Virtual Learning Academy (VLA)

VLA Overview 

We are proud to be able to offer Buckeye families the opportunity to attend Buckeye's Virtual Learning Academy this year. The Buckeye Learning Academy affords parents the opportunity to have their students continue with their education at Buckeye via the internet.  Classes are taught by Buckeye teachers via Google Meet with the Board approved Curriculum. Families were asked to apply by April 14, and to commit to attend the Virtual Academy through December. We will be communicating with families about the opportunity for the continuation  of VLA into the Spring Semester.

For specific information about our Virtual Learning Academy experience,  check here.


Technology and VLA 

Students in the VLA will need access to wifi in order to participate.  Families may choose to have their student use a personal computer or they may request to use a Buckeye Chomebook. 

A Chromebook or other computer with microphone, camera, and internet  is required to fully participate in the Virtual Learning Academy.  We receommend using the Google Chrome Browser.


Tier I

If you have a tech question or need, we have developed a Parent and Student Technology Help Website which has answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Technology Tutorials, and other technology assistance.  This site will be updated on a continuing basis, so please check back.

Tier II

If a student has a technological issue, and they cannot find the answer on the Parent and Student Technology Help Website, they should contact their teacher for assistance. 

Tier III

The teacher  may refer the issue to the technology department via the Staff IT Helpdesk  A member of the tech team will contact the student/parent to help resolve the issue.