Buckeye High School
Guidance Office
3084 Columbia Road
Medina, Ohio 44256

HS Guidance

Guidance Staff:

Amanda Hogue, Counselor A-K

330-722-8257 ext 3076 

Jennifer Wish, Counselor L-Z

330-722-8257 ext 3077

Linda Depew, Secretary

330-722-8257 ext 3075

ahogue@buckeyeschools.org jwish@buckeyeschools.org ldepew@buckeyeschools.org


The Guidance staff is committed to providing a comprehensive, developmental program that meets the unique intellectual, physical, social and emotional needs of each student.  We embrace a proactive approach to our students counseling and guidance needs as well as responding to immediate problems and conflicts. 

Students are encouraged to visit the guidance office at any time but should not miss a class in order to see their counselor unless it is an emergency.  If a student wishes to see their guidance counselor, he/she should sign in on the clipboard located in the guidance office.


  • Classroom Guidance: Counselors can be used as facilitators to help instruct guidance-related topics such as completing college planning, career development, standardized testing, and financial aid.
  • Individual Counseling:  Counselors are trained to help resolve personal, social, educational, and career development issues.
  • Group Counseling: Counseling may be on a small-group basis to help students with concerns about relationships, personal matters, and developmental tasks.
  • Parent Consultation:  Counselors will conduct parent meetings, facilitate conferences, and offer appropriate information to students. 
  • Staff Consultation:  Counselors can assist staff members in obtaining knowledge and skills such as learning styles and test interpretation. 
  • Consultation with the Community:  Counselors may refer students and their families to community agencies when long-term counseling is needed to help with more serious personal, social, or educational concerns.
  • Administrative/Clerical Activities: The counseling staff will administer standardized tests, oversee the scheduling process, and review college applications.
  • Program Management: Counselors working collaboratively with other school/community members will work on the development of the guidance program by identifying and gathering guidance resources, designing activities, and assessing and evaluating their impact.
  • Pupil Appraisal: Counselors will assist in the collaborative effort to identify students strengths, needs and interests through intervention assistance team assessments, multi-factored evaluations, and individual career plans.


The guidance office is a place a student or parent may come to discuss concerns confidentially. Confidentiality means that personal concerns will not be shared with others. However, counselors are required by law to contact other adults if a situation arises that puts a student or someone else in physical or emotional harm.